About Usborne Books

Whether you are new to Usborne Books or long-time fans, we feature our favorites and the amazing new titles they have to offer! We are huge fans ourselves and so are our little ones!

…speaking of us:

Our names are Kristin and Brittany, sister-in-laws, friends, massive fans! Together, we have three sons under four years old. We started them early on these books and even at a few months old and above they love the interactivity the books provide.

About Our Usborne Books Fans

Noah, Kristin’s three-year-old, has recently found a love for the Wipe-Clean books. These let kids complete colorful, engaging activities that they can use over and over again with a special pen! He has also gotten into the half-book, half-toy Wind-Up Train Book.

Jonah, Brittany’s eight-month-old, loves the noises of Night Sounds at bedtime. He also loves the music and touchy-feely of Baby’s First Musical Playbook during play-time. Although, his first favorite was Crinkle Pets at just a couple months old. Don’t let him know, but mommy has more goodies stored away for his first birthday!

Aiden, Kristin’s two-month-old, is the newest fan but is already loving the hilarious animal sounds in Don’t Tickle the Hippo! Jonah recommended Crinkle Pets and we are sure Aiden will love the high-contrast images and making lots of noise!

To quote Usborne themselves

“Usborne creates engaging, innovative, accessible books for children of all ages. Usborne books are written to appeal directly to children, and are there for every age and stage from newborn baby to young adult.”

We hope you enjoy our features and new titles of the best Usborne Books! Browse around to learn more about the books and follow the links to shop! Reach out if you are interested in learning about hosting a party where you can earn free books! If you fall in love and want to stay awhile, learn about being a consultant where you can earn money for being a apart of a company you love.